Have a question regarding Seek & Sip, our journeys or events? Here is a list of FAQ's for you to scroll through. If your questions are still unanswered, please give us a call at 312-880-7936 or email us at info@seekandsip.com

What is the mission of Seek & Sip? 

- Seek & Sip's mission is to support our clients in becoming a wine and cocktail expert. We accomplish this by enhancing your tasting palate in an easy, non snooty fashion while encouraging you to start #passportpoppin! (add stamps to your passport pages) No judgement...no shade. Just a community of cool people leveling up our sipping game and living our best life traveling around the globe! 

How do I know you guys are legit? How do I know that my funds and booking info are safe with you? 

 -We are a certified and insured travel agency. We hold a valid IATAN number recognized throughout the travel industry. Because of our certification, we are held to standards set forth by the IATAN licensing body. We are a fully incorporated company within the State of Illinois and we are currently pursuing a federal recognition for our name and business as well.

 Do you welcome all genders/ethnicity? 

- Absolutely! We do not engage in discrimination regardless of ethnicity/ sexual orientation or gender. As long as you are a fan of wine/ spirits, love to have responsible fun and are interested in #passportpoppin, we welcome you to join us around the world! 

Do you provide quotes for private individual or group vacations?

-In an effort to concentrate on designing the best in wine/spirit travel, we try and limit the number of private bookings we accept. Private bookings must meet certain criteria before we begin to design travel itinerary. Also, private bookings are subject to a "plan to go fee". Contact us to request more info. 



I want to travel with you and the rest of the Seek & Sip crew! How can I purchase my trip? 

-You will need to complete the online booking form first. We will then send you a secure encrypted booking link in order to complete your purchase. We accept online payments via Visa, Mastercard and Discover. All online payments will include processing fees set forth by the merchant processor. We accept money orders or bank certified checks. We do not accept cash or personal checks. Please be sure to time submittal of money orders or bank certified checks at least 1 week before your final payment date. 

I need to cancel my trip. May I request a refund? 

-Due to commitments we make to vendors and suppliers of travel, goods and services, Seek & Sip is not able to refund any portion of funds submitted for travel. Each client is required to accept our Terms and Conditions( which clearly states our refund policy) before a reservation is accepted. Please consider purchasing a travel insurance policy so that your investment will be protected. Seek & Sip Travel strongly advises all of our clients to purchase travel insurance. Please see our section on Travel Insurance. 

Ok I understand. Can I transfer my booking to another person? 

- Any transfers of bookings will be done at the sole discreton of Seek & Sip Travel. If a transfer is approved, a $150 change fee must be submitted in addition to any other fees set forth by the vendor. 

Can I make monthly payments on my journey?

- Absolutely! We offer interest free monthly payments to all of our clients. Monthly payments can be made via online or certified bank check/money order. All clients requiring monthly payments will be sent a set of online invoices that they can use to fulfill payments as arranged. You should make every effort to make a payment every month. If you find yourself not being able to make a payment, please contact us immediately. If you fail to make a payment for 60 days without any communication to us, your reservations will automatically cancel.

Reservations and Roommates

I found a trip I want to book but I need a roommate. Is this something you can help with? 

-Sure! However, there are a couple of rules regarding roommate selection and payments you need to be aware of. 

  • Roommates are assigned same gender unless otherwise requested. 
  • Please be aware: If your roommate decides not to attend this will change your booking from a double occupancy to a single occupancy. This will change the price of your trip requiring a single supplement charge in order for the booking to remain valid. You will be responsible for this single suplement charge. We will make every effort to pair you with a new roommate. We ask that you do the same as well. 

Cool! I've booked my trip and made my first payment. What's next? 

- You will receive an email welcoming you on the journey. You also will receive a summary of charges, schedule of payments and other pertinent information. Please take the time to review all emails sent to you and verify that the correct booking information has been used to book your itinerary. You have 48 hours to change any incorrect booking information from the time your confirmation has been emailed to you. Please note: All payments submitted are non refundable/ non transferable. We strongly urge you to consider purchasing travel insurance in order to protect your investment. Contact us for more details.

Hey will I need a passport? 

- Please be aware that any travel outside of the U.S. and U.S. Territories will require a valid passport unless noted. It is your responsibility to make sure you have a valid US passport with at least 3-6 months of time before expiration( please refer to your travel guides for more info) Also, there are some countries that will require Visas in addition to passports. It is your responsibility to secure Visas and US passports for your journeys. 

When will I receive a final itinerary?

-Itineraries are sent to each client 30 days before the journey via email provided they have satisfied all final balances. 

If you would like a full statement of our Terms and Conditions please mail us at info@seekandsip.com