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My name is Joni (but my friends call me Jai) and I am the founder of Seek and Sip Travel.This company was started with someone like you in mind. You know...a cool, down to earth person who simply wants to explore the world tasting the best in wine and spirits while experiencing the culture where they are produced.

What type of destinations will we explore? Have you ever wanted to see the rolling, green vineyards of Tuscany, Italy? Sip a gorgeous Rose' wine by the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Would you like to experience a long weekend in Northern California developing your palate for Cabernets? How does a day trip to the Champagne region of France touring the underground caves filled with bottles of bubbles? Sound good? Great! Join us as we explore the world and level up our "sipping status" by learning all about wine and spirits.

Whether you prefer red or white, sweet or dry wine...I care not! My job is to help you become a wine and cocktail expert in an easy, non snooty fashion while helping you add stamps to your passport pages. No judgement...no shade. Just connecting you with a community of cool people "#passportpoppin"... traveling the world in search of the perfect sip.